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Wanting to start a business can be scary. The reality is, you have probably tried something before and it didn’t end up going how you wanted it to. So you are now scared or intimidated to try again. Starting a business does not have to be scary, so if this is round two or three you have to know what not to do this time around. Check out the reasons why and CLICK HERE to get your bonus on how to get yourself in the right position for success.

You are too sales-y and not genuine

If you are just pushing your product, giveaways, and promotions and saying, “buy, buy, buy,” you are being to sales-y. You want to be genuine, and offer solutions to your customer’s problems. Be genuine and take interest in who they are and what they need.

 If you are reading this I’m guessing you don’t like chasing people and feeling icky and pushy, so stop doing it. There are so many other says to sell a product or your opportunity.

You expect overnight results

Someone somewhere once told you a story. It goes a little like this, so and so who signed up within a few months made millions of dollars and quit their job (and now is posing for pictures in front of a Lamborghini rolling around in a bed full of money). This story might be true, but for most of us it does not happen this way. That person may have spent years building their presence on social media, network and already had a foundation of people they could build with.

 So when you sign up and that does not happen to you, you immediately want to quit. This business like any other business, it takes time and training. This does not happen unless you put in the hard work and get it done.


This is an extension of my last point. Some people get into the habit of comparing themselves to others in many aspects of our lives. We compare our parenting, kids, style and physical appearances, income etc… One of the biggest comparisons in the home based business industry is feeling like you are on the bottom and not doing it as well as everyone else. Some of this can be true if you are not putting in the work and expecting results. Most of those thoughts are your own insecurities and fear getting into your head. Your success is going to work differently than everyone else’s and you can’t compare your chapter to another’s. Don’t get caught up in watching others build their dream and stand on the sidelines and not build your own.

Not treating your business like a business

Life gets in the way, we all get that…BUT (yes that’s a big but), when you don’t work your business consistently you can’t expect that you will get awesome results. Here are some things I see when it comes to not treating your business like a business. You are not consistent enough, only posting on occasion and not having a real plan in place. You try a little, then nothing happens right away, so you give up because you have no real strategy in pace. STOP doing these things. Get a plan or strategy in place. Trust me you will feel better and not so scattered and overwhelmed after. 

No Support System

There are a lot of people out there who will sign you up with your business and then leave you in the cold while you try and figure out everything on your own. Some people just don’t have a good support system. You should run away if you run into this. A good support system should include good leadership, help and support, ongoing trainings, face book groups or forums, conference calls, marketing tools exc…. Basically all the help and support you need to run your business.

So that in a nut shell is my take on why home based businesses fail. Here is the thing though; these are all things that with the right supports and tools can be fixed. I’ve done a lot of the things on this list in the past and I was even called out on it…that’s why I’m doing this to you. I’m here to hold up a mirror in front of your face and say stop doing the things that are not getting you results.

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