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I. don’t know where to start

First of all, most people don’t know where to start when thinking about starting a business. The first thing you need to do is find someone who has done it and ask them how. If you see someone that has done what you want, reach out to them and figure out what they are doing and how you can benefit from that.

2. I’m not an expert

No one person is an expert at first. Starting your business has a learning curve. You are not born knowing all of this, you have to learn it. A big part of this is being open to all of the new information you will be learning. To be honest, you will never be finished learning, there is always great info out there and things are always changing, so you have to stay up to date, be a knowledge sponge.

3. People will think I’m crazy

As a result, some people will think you are a little crazy when you say you are starting a business. They may roll their eyes and think that it will never work. It’s normal to want to play it safe, never take a risk and be stuck in the same place forever. If you are open to a little risk and are able to take a look at the bigger picture, you are definitely ready to be an entrepreneur. Accept and own the crazy and do what you need to do.

4. Money

Not everyone has the capitol to fund a business. We all can’t walk into a bank and magically get a loan. Hence, why people get scared off when starting a business. However, there are a lot of businesses out there that don’t require a lot to start. You just have to know where to look for them.

5. What if I can’t find people to sell to?

You have to look at it like this. Due to many reasons, no one is going to come and throw money at you, so, you have to look at what you are selling and see how it serves other people. Once you find that and a consistent marketing plan, then you can start sharing your product with people that need it.

6. Success and Failure.

Sometimes, you want something so bad. Yet, when you think about having the success, you want to crawl back into your shell. If you want it bad enough, you have to work through this.

On the flip side, some people are afraid of failure and letting people down. Its normal to go through this process. Just prepare yourself that you might not be that overnight success that some people try and sell you. However, with the right tools you can get there.  

Look at it this way, when you are starting a business, its like you are playing a game of bowling. You can’t play a game of bowling without knocking down the pins. So what do you do after they a fall? Do you cry and let them sit there, or do you set them back up and play again. If you want to set them back up and play again, CLICK HERE to connect with me and see how I can help you on this journey. Also, included is my Business Blueprint and Complete Social Media Guide, to start you on the right path.

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