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As someone who has been blogging for a year, I would say it’s one of my favorites in terms of side hustles. For me, blogging is creative and very powerful. When I first started, I went it on my own and had no clue what I was doing. It was a long time before I knew how to monetize my blog and set it up for success. I finally started to narrow down my focus and learn how to get my blog going in the right direction; that is when it began to grow.

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Even if you are new to blogging or have some experience, this post is for you.Here are my top three reasons blogging is a great side hustle and how you can monetize it.

Blogging is Great for Introverts


When I first started my business online, I was told to publish as much as I could. The most popular ways were videos, podcasts, or blogging. After evaluating all of them, I came to the conclusion blogging was the best for me. I wasn’t super comfortable on video, I’m not a huge talker, so podcasting wasn’t my thing, but I could write.


Blogging is Versatile


Once established as a blogger, you can take it so many places and move into different income streams. Some people start as an affiliate while others teach people how to become bloggers. No matter which way you go, there is an audience out there for you.




Building on my last point, there are a variety of ways to make money blogging. You can monetize through such avenues as ad revenue, affiliate marketing, digital products, or courses. You are not going to become a millionaire overnight. It’s going to take some time and trial and error. The good thing is there are people out there who are benefiting from it.


The income potential from blogging can be huge, as long as you know how to do it the right way. If you go at it alone as I did at first, you will quit. This is what I did. I took a break for about a year and just let my blog sit. I didn’t want to abandon it, but I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I found a blogging community and finally just sucked it up and got some help.




If you are looking for a get rich quick thing or making money overnight side hustle, blogging is not right for you.

If you are looking for a way to build your brand and be in it for the long haul then yes this is indeed something you should pursue.  The next question is, where do you get started.


If you have decided blogging is for you, be sure to get the BE YOUR OWN BLOG BOSS  course (by Chelsea Clarke from Her Paper Route)  the ultimate money-making blogging course that will help you develop your blog into a business. It’s a complete road map that covers everything you need to know about launching, running, and monetizing your blog. As someone who has taken her courses, she goes in-depth, it’s easy to follow, and she does a great job of teaching you how to start blogging. I loved her courses so much I decided to become an affiliate.

blog boss learn affiliate marketing course how to make money blogging herpaperroute

BE YOUR OWN BLOG BOSS  from Her Paper Route by Chelsea Clarke will teach you:


  • What Makes A Blog Successful And Profitable
  • How To Define Your Ideal Reader & Customer (And Where To Find Them!)
  • Hosting & Domain & WordPress Set-Up
  • How To Use WordPress
  • The Keys To Writing Killer Content
  • The Biggest & Most Costly Mistakes New Bloggers Make (You Won’t Make Them After This Course!)
  • Laws & Legalities Concerning Blogging That You Need To Be Aware Of


  • DIY Design & Photography & Branding – How To Design Your Own Logo, Graphics & Pins (No Design Degree Needed!)
  • Media Kit Development


  • Social Media Marketing, Content Schedule Development
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest Strategies
  • How To Increase Traffic, How To Use SEO
  • My Pinterest Marketing Strategy That Has Grown Blogs To Huge Success
  • Email Marketing, How I Grew My List To Over 20,000 Subscribers
  • How To Create A High Converting Lead Magnet


  • How To Create A Business Plan For Your Blog
  • How To Create A Sales Funnel


  • How To Monetize Your Blog And Start Making Money NOW
  • How I Made $1,200 In My First Month Blogging (Step By Step Blueprint), And Now Earn Over $100k A Year (Not From Course Sales or ‘BloggingAboutBlogging’ Either!)
  • The Top 7 Revenue Sources And How To Add Them To Your Blog
  • How To Develop A Passive Income Stream
  • Understanding And Implementing Affiliate Marketing
  • What The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Are, And How To Join Them
  • How To Get Approved For Sponsorship & Affiliate Programs Every Time
  • How To Sell On Pinterest & Instagram
  • The Secrets To Growing Your Blog Income Every Single Month

Even if you already have a blog and want to monetize it, this course will help you with that too. If you go through my affiliate link, you will also get a FREE Copy of 30 Essential Tools to Grow your business. As a bonus, there is a link to my Facebook group that will help you grow your traffic, share your content and get started on the right foot.


If you are wondering if starting your own side business could be right for you, click on the link below to get started with me (bonus includes my FREE Business Blueprint and Complete Social Media Guide to get you started in the right direction).

Wonderful to have you join the dialogue!

 I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Which point is most likely to move you to take action in your life? Did it help?

I look forward to hearing which take-away point spoke to you the most.

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