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What is a side hustle and is it worth it?

A side hustle is generally a business you start to supplement the income that you generate outside of your regular 9 to 5 job. It’s not for people who are lazy and don’t want to put in the work, it takes real work, but once you are established your initial investment of time can pay off down the road. If you are not ready to put in the hours or you are happy where you are, then the whole side hustle thing is not for you. The best side hustler is one who has a hunger for something bigger and has the determination to get themselves where they want to go.

I don’t know about you, but regardless of what you are making at your job, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough. If you are like me, you have a full-time job and a family, and at the end of the day, things can be tight.

So (drum roll please) enter the side hustle.

It’s no longer just a benefit but sometimes mandatory to get ahead and keep your head above water. It can ease some of the financial pressure and put you in a better spot.

As someone who has lived through it, and is currently living through it, starting something new can be intimidating.

Figuring out where to go and what steps to take can be nerve-racking. So take some time and do your due diligence. Do your research; take actionable small steps. Small steps lead to big ones.

So, here is what you need to know. Side hustles are everywhere. Almost everyone I know has one. Some people start one for extra cash, but the serious ones do it so they can eventually turn into a full-time business. Here are some pros and a few cons to give you something to think about:


  • Ease the financial burden and give you some extra money to help you with your family expenses.
  • By starting small and low risk, you can build a meaningful business in your spare time.
  • Achieve financial independence and quit your day job (if this is your ultimate goal).
  • If your current job doesn’t get you excited, a side hustle can be the perfect way to let you be creative.
  • Your side hustle can provide opportunities to hang out or develop relationships with cool new people.
  • Your side hustle can give you a competitive advantage in your career (adding new skills that you don’t currently have).


  • Successful side hustles can start to feel more like your job.
  • When your side hustle is new and exciting, you can end up dropping the ball and neglecting your regular work.
  • You can quickly end up having no actual downtime if you don’t plan accordingly.


Side hustles can have benefits and pitfalls when you first look at it. However, if you take a step back, and look at the big picture, I’m sure you can come to the right conclusion.

So now that you are aware of all that a side hustle has to offer….

Are you ready to hustle?

If your answer is yes, get your FREE copy of The Side Hustle Checklist ( legitimate side hustles that you can turn into a full-time business.)



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