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The Truth About What You Need To Succeed

If you are an established home-based business builder or even new to the industry, you need to know what to do to succeed. I have had my ups and downs in this industry and it’s not always been sunshine and rainbows. Most of the struggles home-based business builders face, are their inner demons. Most people struggle with doing something new and getting out of their comfort zone. It can be a fearful path to navigate. So, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Take accountability

This is a huge one that a lot of people don’t want to hear but it’s very true. It can be super overwhelming at first and most people blame other people for their mistakes. It’s true that you can struggle if you don’t have the right supports…but in reality it’s up to you to take your business to where you want it to go. It begins and ends with you.

Get Educated

Since you might be new, I have to tell you that getting yourself educated is the KEY to succeeding. Again this can be difficult if you just want to build fast, BUT… big picture it will help you in the long run. Not to say that you can’t earn while you learn, but the process of educating yourself (e.g., getting to know your prospects, solving your prospects problems and learning to treat your business like a business) will open up that road to success.

To add to this, you also need to know that you should invest in new strategies. In 2019, the cold calling old school telemarketing strategies don’t work anymore. No one answers the phone for people they don’t know anymore. People prefer and respond better to you over social media. This isn’t to say you can just spam people there. You still need to follow the same processes of getting to know people and providing value.

Be Patient

Your business is a marathon and not a sprint. You need to have realistic expectations in your business. You can’t sit around and compare yourself to other successful marketers that have been doing this for a while. You can’t expect to have overnight success (like those that pose in front of their fancy cars and big houses…such a huge pet peeve of mine). I want you to develop realistic expectations and goals. A true business takes time, patience and consistent effort. Be prepared that things might not click right away, remind yourself that you need to try and test and correct along the way. Every step you take leads you closer to your goal. 

Set Practical Goals

Ask yourself this. Why are you building a business? Yes, I’m sure you want to make money, but dig deeper. What will this business do for you? Will it help you quit and stay home with your family? Will it give your family the opportunity to live comfortably? You have to ask yourself these questions. Like I said before, this is a marathon not a sprint. Getting through the tough times means answering the question, why are you doing this? Who are you doing it for and what will happen when you finally start succeeding? It needs to be exciting and make you want to work harder and push through the tough times. Next step, set your goals and make a deadline. Without a deadline, it’s just a dream and will always seem out of reach. You need that sense of urgency. 

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Wonderful to have you join the dialogue!

 I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Which point is most likely to move you to take action in your life? Did it help?

I look forward to hearing which take-away point spoke to you the most.

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  1. Kate Murray

    Awesome advice…especially for those just starting out with their online business. Those who pose in front of their fancy cars and big houses is totally a pet peeve of mine too!! Whatever makes those people think that will motivate someone to take their advice? lol, I’d like to see what their biz looks like 3 or 5 years down the road!

  2. Sasha

    This is amazing advice for someone starting an online business. It’s so important to think about all of these details at the start. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    Thank you so much for this, I feel like I really needed to read this! I particularly liked how you kept reiterating that it’s a marathon not a sprint 🙂 it’s a good thing to remember when you’re getting frustrated!

  4. Nici

    Great tips. Sometimes the simplest things get overlooked. People forget the internet is a huge place and patience is super important.


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